Trade In

Things we do for you:

Estimate how much your bike is worth
Determine whether or not to keep it as a collectible or antique
Help you figure out how old the bike is
Estimate how much it will cost to repair your bike
Help you find out what components your bike has

We take Trade-In’s or Buy, under these conditions:

The bike is 95% complete
Frame and fork have minimal issues beyond cosmetic
Serial number is legible
Bike has to be 10 years old or newer
We don’t already have overstock of that type of bicycle
We do not quote values over the phone
We are not obligated to buy/trade your bike

What should you expect when trading/selling:

The condition of the bike will affect its value the most. Please bring your bike in so we can evaluate it in person, we do not give quotes over the phone.

Bikes or Brands that we do not take in on trade:

E-Bikes, Diamondback, GT, Fuji, Norco, Schwinn, Motobecane, or any brand purchased at a store similar to Walmart

Requirements for Trading In:

You will need a photo ID and be able to sign that you are the lawful owner of the bicycle.