Fly Fishing Strategies for rising water in Central and South Florida

Submitted by Scott Graham

Fly fishing in September can be great if you know how to choose locations, and read the conditions. 

Heavy rains can make for murky water, and scattered  fish on the move. 

Try these suggestions to get you back in the game. 

 In freshwater lakes, look for knee deep, newly flooded flats near vegetation, and or slight drop offs. Keep a look out for waking Largemouths. 

This can be a great place to jump out of the boat and present Frog, and Baitfish imitations. Stop and start retrieves on the frog,  and straight retrieves on the Baitfish Patterns,  can draw Bass from long distances. 

Matching the prevalent  bait and flies that push water are king. 

 My second suggestion for both the Fresh, and the Salt is to target "run offs". These occur when small creeks, ditches, and culverts, cascade into a larger body of water. 

A variety of lure styles will catch a variety of both salt and freshwater species such as, Largemouth, Snook, Cyclids, Mangrove Snapper, Tarpon and much more. 

Topwater poppers and "match the hatch"  water pushing flies as well as sinking versions can score here. 

Hope this helps, and don't forget that we are planning to do some tying classes at the end of September, Early October, at our store in Dade City Florida. 

Send me a text or call if you’re interested.

Scott Graham

813 714 4040