Let’s Talk Tailgating

Dive into the season with the gear that will make the most of game day including brands like Rovr, Insect Shield, and Avex

Tailgating Necessities for the Weekend Warriors

With football season coming around soon, it's time to start prepping and gathering gear for your weekend events. We carry items such as Rovr Coolers, Insect Shield garments, and Avex drinkware to help you make the most of those coveted 48 hours.

Why Rovr?

Take away the outer functions including the cutting board, cupholders, exterior storage bin, and super suspension wheels, and what are you left with? A badass cooler that will keep ice solid for several days and keep contents cool for nearly a week. With stylish colors, crazy functionality, and overall usefulness, this rugged Rovr cooler is right for your summer adventures.

A Tailgating Tool of the Trade

If you’re a die-hard parking lot patriot, look no further for the perfect accessories for your tailgating needs. The Rovr cooler is perfect for carrying your precious cargo to and from your spot, and with shock absorbing technology, your bottles, cans, or handles will be safe and secure. With a built in cutting board and cup holders, you can be sure to maximize the utility of this cooler. Paired up with our Avex drinkware products, you have yourself an unbeatable mashup. Avex will keep your drink cold and hold ice for hours, keeping you cool until the last quarter. When the sun starts to go down, your Insect Shield products including shirts, hats, socks, blankets, or Buffs and forget about those pesky mosquitoes.

Your Hometown One-Stop Shop

We are as passionate about our free time as much as anyone and understand the importance of that time spent with family and friends. Tailgating season is best when you can trust that you’ll have a good time, even if your team doesn’t do so hot. So let us help make this season the best and outfit you for maximum enjoyment. Support your local teams and businesses alike. On behalf of OUR team, we thank you.

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