Maintain Your Bike for a Smooth and Stress Free Ride

Tire Testimony

Preparation is key when you set out on your ride. The first piece of your mental checklist should be to inspect your tires. To make the most of your ride, be sure that your tires meet the proper tire pressure. Using the correct tire gauge, you can better avoid flats on your ride. Here at Flint Creek Outfitters, we have a wide selection of tires, tubes, pumps, and accessories to help you get back on track and forget the hassle of tire issues.

Chain Gang Upkeep  

Chain maintenance is crucial when preparing for your ride. A properly cleaned and lubed chain will help you enjoy a smoother and safer ride. If you don’t feel comfortable with this task on your own, bring you bike by our shop and let our bicycle mechanic set you up right. With brands like KMC and Shimano, you can rest assured that our chains will last.

If you have any questions on techniques, tips, and tricks on cycling maintenance, feel free to swing by Flint Creek Outfitters in Dade City and speak with our bike mechanic, David Simpson. David is well versed in bicycle servicing and is always happy to assist with any cycling questions.

Your Local One Stop Shop

Here at Flint Creek, our bike staff is serious about their rides and bicycles. We provide a full service cycling shop specializing in repairs and tune-ups. Being open seven days a week, feel free to drop in and fill us in on your cycling needs and issues. Along with a cycling shop, we also offer a wide variety of cycling clothing, shoes, helmets and accessories. With brands like Zoic, MuMu, Shimano, and more, you’ll be sure to find something to make your ride better.