Your Cure for Road Rage!

Riding a bike is fun, improves your physical and mental well being, is convenient for getting around locally and is environmentally friendly. There are so many reasons why riding is good for you and good for you and cyclists can make things better for motorists by moving just as many people as cars using far less space.

There are personal benefits to cycling

Aside from being a great way to get around, riding a bike is fun. Riding bicycle is an easy way to get around, covering distances much faster than on foot. Cycling gives you a freedom like no other form of mechanized transportation. Rekindle that free feeling you felt riding as a kid, but now you can carry that adventure far past your neighborhood.

Cycling is great for your mental health

 For years we have been told that cycling is great exercise and it is great exercise, but did you know riding a bicycle can improve your mental health and overall well being?

Listed below are just some of the mental health benefits of cycling:

  • Less stress, with fewer “traffic issues” along with exercise, anxiety levels decrease along with the stress of getting from place to
  • Cycling makes you “ feel good” by releasing endorphins and helps you to focus.
  • Cycling offers an escape from the blues and can aid in countering the symptoms of depression
  • You will sleep better, in part from the exercise but also because you will be less stressed overall
  • Exercise boosts creativity & productivity. This can make life in general at home and at work more pleasing

Cycling is convenient and efficient

Consider this:

  • Parking is often door-to-door—you can typically park a bicycle closer to the door and seldom have to look for an open space.
  • Cycling is often quicker compared to driving a car when covering short distances up to 4-5 miles.
  • Your travel time cycling can be more predictable than by car as dealing with traffic is rarely a problem.


You will gain health benefits cycling thru exercise and increases cardiovascular fitness.

Your heart and your doctor will thank you for doing more physical activity.

Doctors currently recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity daily. Cycling is not only great exercise, but it is also fun. Hard to experience road rage when you are having fun!

Choosing to ride a bike to work, school, or on errands is a very convenient yet practical way to easily get in some regular exercise each day.

You can save money cycling, and gain a sense of doing “good”.

  • Did you know that the cost of buying and maintaining a bike is only about 1% of the cost of buying and maintaining a licensed, registered and insured vehicle?
  • Cycling approximately 7-10 miles round trip daily to work each day can save an estimated $1,100 per year in transport costs according to Kiplinger’s Bike to Work calculator. Bicycle parking is usually more convenient than car parking, most always free of charge, and some offices will even let you bring bike indoors.

Cycling is better for the roads and public services.

  • Do to the lighter weights bicycles are less harmful and do less damage to road surfaces than motorized vehicles. Also, designated bike paths provide 'cycling freeways’ at the cost of installing footpaths.
  • The estimated cost of congestion was $305 billion in 2018 and has been rising. Cycling is a simple way to allow for fewer vehicles on the road therefore reducing congestion and its associated costs.
  • cycling can “extend” existing public transport services. More households are within bike riding distance of public transport and many of these “hubs” and bus stops offer parking for bicycles.
  • Get out of the school pick and up drop off lane – A majority of car trips to school are easily within walking distance. Taking a bike to school, riding along with the students each day, significantly reduces congestion around the schools and additionally improves safety for all the children. More bicycles in a neighborhood will mean fewer cars traveling through leading to safer roads.

Now that you know why more people riding bicycles is so good for road rage, find where you can ride to and from to start experiencing the benefits for yourself.

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